Cambodian Accreditation Natioanal Council (CANC)

The CANC has the following main tasks:

  • to discuss the work schedule, the annual ordinary and if appropriate the extraordinary budget and the annual reports of DA and to propose them to the Ministries concerned for approval;
  • to take note of the structure (management system), rules and procedures established by the Director of the DA;
  • to supervise the operations of DA;
  • to confirm on behalf of the Royal Government of Cambodia and the relevant international organisations, that all the operations and decisions are taken in a fully impartial and independent way;
  • if appropriate to establish an ad hoc committee to deal with appeals against decisions of the Director of DA.

The members of CANC are currently the following persons:

Nο First Name & Last Name Position Name of Ministry Functions
1  H.E Kitti Settha Pandita Cham Prasidh Senior Minister, Minister  Ministry of Industry and Handicraft (MIH) Chairperson  
2  H.E Soem Nara General Director  General Departement of Industry, Ministry of Industry and Handicraft  Vice chairperson 
3  H.E Hean Vanhan General Director Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (MAFF) Vice chairperson  
 4   H.E Chan Sivantha Under Secretary of State Ministry of Health (MoH) Vice chairperson
5  Mr. Kim Meassoksheiha Deputy General Director Ministry of Commerce (MoC)  Vice chairperson
6  Mr. Chhrien SengKong Director, Department of Accreditation (DA) Ministry of Industry and Handiicraft (MIH)  Permanent member 
7  Mr. Long Rithirak Deputy General Director Ministry of Environment (MoE)  Member 
8  H.E Pich Sambath Under Secretary of State Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF)  Member 
9  Mr. San Chamroen Deputy Director, G.D of Administrative Ministry of Interior (MoI)  Member 
10  Mr. Chhun Puthearith Deputy General Director Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MWRM)  Member  
11  H.E Vasim Soriya General Director Ministry of Public works and Transport (MPWT)  Member  
12  Mr. Noun Chanrithy Deputy General Director General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia, MEF  Member  
13  Mr. Bou Bunnara Deputy Director General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia, MEF   Member  
14  Mr. Sang Sinavith Deputy Diirector General Departemnt of Customs and Excise of Cambodia, MEF   Member  
15  H.E Chea Sokheang Vice Director Cambodia Higher Education Association  Member  
16  Mr. Ouk Sopheap Chief of Electrical Equipment Unit Electricite du Camboge (EDC)  Member  
17  H.E. Chan Piseth Deputy General Director  Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA)  Member  
18  H.E. Nguon Mengtech General Director Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia  Member  
19  Mr. Lip Cheang Deputy Director Federation of Associations For Small and Medium Enterprises of Cambodia (FASMEC)  Member  
20  Mr. Amnat Pisutsin General Manager GSG (Cambodia) Limited.  Member