The Mission of DA

Important Functions of the Department of Accreditation​ (DA): 

to be the partner of Conformity Assessment Bodies in Cambodia in the field of Accreditation;

2. to provide the Link between applicant clients and the Partner Accreditation Bodies;

3. to provide information about accredited conformity assessments to regulators, industries and the society in Cambodia and to promote recognition of accredited conformity assessments;

4. to link with the Governmental authorities needing conformity assessment services and to support them in establishing rules and criteria for the use of conformity assessments in their respective fields;

5. to monitor the activities of the foreign Conformity Assessment Bodies in Cambodia in cooperation with Foreign Accreditation Bodies concerned in the frame of the cross frontier policy and the regulation issued by Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology & Innovation (MISTI);

6. to cooperate with the Partner Accreditation Bodies (PABs) in Thailand or other Foreign Accreditation Bodies (FABs).